Loose leaf tea without the fuss

With nothing more elaborate than a cup and hot water, these organic morsels of finely-sourced loose leaf organic tea, raw sugar, and aromatic spices meld in perfect harmony to create a blissful organic herbal tea blend that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Martel tea was created out of passion for what mother nature is capable of, and a reminder of how powerful our bodies can be when supported. Each blend is uniquely made to help grow understanding that nature has all we will ever need, and the healing components of every blend makes sipping these teas an experience unlike any other!


Peppermint is a fragrant herb that makes for a soothing drink. Peppermint helps digest foods better and also reduces men's issues.

Stinging nettle

Stinging nettle is made with the leaves of stinging nettle, named for the tiny hairs on the fresh leaves which can sting the skin.


Chamomile is a popular herb that’s used in teas worldwide. Chamomile soothes and relieves. Chamomile also calms the mind and helps people relax and deal better with their tension.


Ginger is an energizer and a stimulator. Drinking ginger tea both stimulates and soothes the men's body. Ginger has been known to aid people experiencing discomfort.

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Feel the difference

The sweet blossoms are then dried using only thermal energy created from the farm's other crops.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring the very best tea to market that's sustainably and ethically grown, while supporting the local farming families that grow it.


Martel tea is organic, calorie free. Delicious, natural tea for everyone to enjoy. Martel tea helps keep calm and relaxed thus promoting restful sleep. Every cup of Martel tea is packed with immune boosting compounds.

All over the world

Martel teas have been shipped to 80+ countries across the globe and we are just beginning now. It's vision is to create the world's first vertically integrated global tea brand.

Unbelievable taste

It’s true ingredients for an unbelievable taste. Tea, tea leaves, premium, hot brewed, ice tea, iced tea, bottled tea, tea bottles, 12 pack, real tea.